School Notice 16/17

A59_e Lunch at School for Junior Form Students~New~

A58_e Information about Post-Examination Activities~New~

A57_e Information about Purchasing Summer Assignments~New~

A56_1e Information about 2nd Term Examination and Pre-Examination Revision Class

A53_e Information about School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes for Junior Form Students

A50_e Information about Air-Conditioning Charges for the 2nd Term

A49_e Information about Consultation on Guidelines for Handling Complaints

A48_e Measures to Cope with Tropical Cyclones and Heavy Persistent Rain

A46_1e Details about 2nd Term Uniform Test and Pre-Test Revision Class

A44_1e Information about Holistic Learning Activity Day

A42_e Information about Purchasing Calculators.pdf

A35_1e Details about 1st Term Examination and Pre-Examination Revision Class.pdf

A34_e Information about Tsz Shan Monastery Invitation Basketball Competion.pdf

A33_e Information about Talent Show.pdf

A30_e Information about Visit to Science Museum (S.1).pdf

A29_e Information about 2016-2017 Heifer Read to Feed Programme

A28_03e Details of the School Information Day and Fung Ling News Update

A25_e Details about 1st Term Uniform Test and Pre-Test Revision Class

A23_e Information about Membership Fees for Student Association and Interest Clubs.pdf

A22 Information About Youth Moral Training Camp.pdf

A18 Information about Outdoor Learning Day

A17 Information about Winter Uniform

P017_2 Application for Extra-curricular Activities (For S1) 

P017 Talk and Workshop for Parents 

A15 Information about Sports Day 

A14 Information about Dress Casual Day 

A10 Lunch Arrangement on Sports Day 

A9 Instruction on Electronic Payment System

A8 Subscription on English Newspapers & Magazines and Purchase of Receivers for S1

A7 Musical Instrument For All Scheme

A6 School Operation and Students Requirement

A5 Lunch at school for junior secondary students

A4 Personal data

A3 Phase Two S1 Bridging Course

A2 Reminder for 2016-2017 New Students

A1 About 2016-2017 S1 Students

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