E2. Orientation Activities
Orientation Activities

Before Commencement of S1

A 2-week summer bridging program incorporating core subject knowledge,
English drama and adaptation skills to prepare students for upcoming challenges
of secondary education is in place. Newly arrived students are targeted program
titled "My new world—summer page" for quick settling in. S1 Parents' Day to
disseminate the directional plan of school development and expectation on new
students is run every summer. An IT workshop for parents of new students to
raise awareness of information technology education in the school is organized.


Upon Commencement of S1

S1 orientation and Assembly Etiquette workshops in conjunction with Moral
Training Camp to boost the communication skills, resilience and social interaction
of students are school routines. Physical Fitness Check for S1 and First Aid courses
for all junior form students to enhance their adaptability are run as usual. Class
streaming, Enrichment and Remedial courses on Wednesdays to boost students'
learning capacity are developmental policies

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