School Notice 17/18

School Notice 17/18

A55_e:Lunch at School for Junior Form Students

A53_e:Information about Purchasing Summer Assignments

A52_2e:Information about 2nd Term Examination (S2)

A52_1e:Information about 2nd Term Examination and Pre-Examination Revison Class (S1)

A50_e:Information about Air-Conditioning Charges for the 2nd Term

A46_e:Measures to Cope with Tropical Cyclones and Heavy Persistent Rain

A44_2e :Information about 2nd Term Uniform Test

A44_1e:Details about 2nd Term Uniform Test and Pre-Test Revision Class

A43_2e:Information about Holistic Learning Activity Day (S2)

A43_1e:Information about Holistic Learning Activity Day (S1)

A37_e:Information about S2 Basic First Aid Training Course

A39_e:Information about Purchasing Calculators

A36_e:Information about Preventive Measures of Influenza

A35_e:Information about Cross-Curricular Project Learning Programme

A32_2e:Information about 1st Term Examination (S2-S3)

A32_1e:Details about 1st Term Examination and Pre-Examination Revision Class (S1)

A33_e:Information about Talent Show

A29_e:Information about 2017-2018 Heifer Read to Feed Program

A30_1e:Details about the School Information Day

A26_e:Information about Visit to Science Museum (S.1)

A27_e:Information about the Outdoor Learning Activities

A24_e:Information about Membership Fees for Student Association and Interest Clubs

A22_2e:Information about 1st Term Uniform Test (S.2)

A22_1e:Details about 1st Term Uniform Test and Pre-Test Revision Class (S.1)

A23_1e:Information about Youth Moral Training Group

A21_e:Subscription to the Care for the Elderly Charity Ticket 2017

A20_1e Information about Outdoor Learning Day (S2):2017-2018 A20_1e Information about Outdoor Learning Day (S2)

A18_1e:Application for Extra-curricular Activities (For S.1)

A18_2e:Application for Extra-curricular Activities (For S.2-S.6)

A17_e:Information about Winter Uniform

A15_e:Information about Dress Casual Day

A14_e:Information about Sports Day

A13_e:School Operation and Students Requirement

A8_eMusical Instrument For All Scheme

A7_e:Lunch Arrangement on Sports Day

A6_e:Instruction on Electronic Payment System

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