D.8 Star Talks
D8. Star Talks

Michael Chan 

2013 graduate, now studying at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with The University of Hong Kong

Apart from knowledge, BWFLC gives us a proper discipline training which makes
us realize the importance of self-discipline and mutual respect. Given the
well-rounded pastoral care, I have achieved my goal and found my own path to
further studies. I believe these are the precious treasures I found in the school.


Ng Wai Cheong

2014 graduate, now studying at Faculty of Quantitative Finance with The University of Hong Kong

BWFLC prides herself on sincere teacher-student relationship and teachers have
thorough understanding of students, both academics and conduct, so that timely
and appropriate advice is always there to help students grow and glow.
Opportunities are everywhere for students' participation to explore their potential
and excel.


Lai Hoi Yan

2015 graduate, now studying at Faculty of Science with The University of Science and Technology

BWFLC is my second home, the care and understanding from the teachers is as
warm as that from our parents. The teachers have good knowledge of our
academic weakness and are eager to help us improve, they also persist in nurturing
in us the proper attitude in social interaction for a life-long asset to take root.

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